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Never trust one tool. Our free forensic tools can validate existing findings and in many cases, surface more forensic artifacts. Examiners will understand their data better and be able to contribute back to the community.

Forensics with Docker

Docker is a powerful tool for forensic analysts to isolate and run tools. Our private Docker registry with free, open source and custom tools will allow you to quickly try and ultimately incorporate new tools into your workflow.


HOWTOs are essential to the forensic community. Our detailed write-ups document how tools work, how to incorporate them into your workflow and ultimately uncover more forensic artifacts.

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Articles on the latest digital forensic techniques, leveraging Docker for forensics, tutorials, HOWTOs and free forensic tools from Hack42 Labs.

NavdDoomConductor - Precise Geolocation and Time

By Andrew Hoog on January 25, 2020

Leveraging free, I continues my search for file structure containing the key “latitude”. I stumbled across an intriguing file called and this blog writes up the how and what of locating and understanding this forensic artifact.

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Discover New Forensic Evidence with File Structure Analysis

By Andrew Hoog on January 14, 2020

Forensic analysts can discover new evidence in their existing acquisitions by searching through known file structures for responsive artifact/data types leveraging the free forensic tool ftree.

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Forensic iOS backups in macOS Catalina

By Andrew Hoog on January 5, 2020

In macOS Catalina, Apple has done away with iTunes and replaced its many features with standalone programs. On feature used by forensic analysts was the backup function. This blog explores the differences in the forensic backup of an iPhone 6 on macOS Catalina vs Mojave.

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Docker for Forensic Analysts

By Andrew Hoog on January 5, 2020

Docker is a software platform that enables forensic analysts to isolate and run applications or services in a single container. The platform is open source and widely adopted in the development and operations communuity. Docker can change how the forensic community acquires, uses and scales tools.

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