Discovery, Analysis & Research Tool (DART)

Hack42 Labs' Discovery, Analysis & Research Tool (DART) is a crowdsourced forenisc analysis tool that can dramatically increase the evidence surfaced in an investigation.

DART Intro

Forensic acquisition and analysis is challenging. There are a staggering number of devices. Platform providers are, understandably, deeply invesiting in the security of their ecosystem. So developing and maintaing the tools needed to even extract data from the sheer number of digital devices today is overwhelming.

Once you have an acquisition, the data can be equally overwhelming. Forensic companies tend to focus on extracting and presenting the most common data a forensic analysts needs. However, it is simply not possible for them to keep up with the acquisitions, devices, operating systems, vulnerabilities, apps, updates and more. This is why post-acqusition forensic analysis is anemic and often fails to surface a significant amount of relevant evidence.

DART aims to address this industry-wide problem by leveraging the power of crowdsourced data and analysis.

Next Steps

If you’d like to try it out, here’s a quick overview (see the full tutorial for a more detailed walk through):

  1. Create and login to Hack42
  2. Download ftree to organize and identify forensic metadata
  3. Search DART to uncover previously overlooked evidence

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