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To fulfill our mission, Hack42 Labs makes available free and open source forensic tools that empower forensic analysts to automate their workflow, reduce analysis time and surface more forensic value from their acquired data.

Note: Some tools share or use crowdsourced data. By downloading or using this software, you agree to follow and be bound to our Terms of Service, Subscription Agreement, and Privacy Statement.

ftree - forensic tree

Crawl any directory and identify all files, their file types, hash signatures and data structures. Outputs include json, csv and sqlite.


fapk - forensic apk tool

Extract all Android apk (app) binaries, including most system and preinstalled binaries, from a connected device. This tool can also reverse engineer the apks (via jadx).


fplist - forensic plist viewer

Convert text and binary plists (bplist) to json, dot notation and csv. This tool will inspect binary data nodes and convert them to text if they are a plist file or base64 for binary data.


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